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Destined for Victory is the broadcast ministry of Pastor Paul Sheppard. Programs are posted each weekday on this website and can be heard anytime, day or night by clicking on the “Past Broadcasts” button in the "Currently on the Radio" section. For a list of the stations that Destined for Victory airs on, please click the button below.
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To begin the month of July, Pastor Paul will be teaching a series of insightful messages based on highlights from the book of Esther. To help us in our study, Pastor Paul has also written a new booklet entitled How to Deal With a Crisis. In it, he uses the experience of Queen Esther as a case study to show us how she and her relative Mordecai successfully dealt with the worst crisis of their lives. You'll be informed and inspired by this powerful resource, and we'd like to make it available to you for your donation of any amount in July.
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